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Objective: To work as a public relations manager.

Kennedy Library. Anywhereville, TX. May 1998-present.
Responsibilities included the following:
>> Coordinating public relations for the library's adult literacy program.
>> Writing grant proposals and news releases.
>> Designing brochures, bulletin boards, and fundraising materials.
>> Supervising a staff of 5 people.
DesignX Construction. Anywhereville, TX. April 1994-May 1998.
Responsibilities included the following:
>> Designing logos and advertising material.
>> Writing proposals in attempt to persuade others that DesignX had the means and the creativity desired.
>> Developed oral communications skills by giving presentations on DesignX's ideas.

B.S. Business, Emphasis in Public Relations. May 1994.
Utah State University
Written and oral communication; Computer skills (presentation programs, QuattroPro, Word, WordPerfect, spreadsheet programs)


Mary Matthews, Head Librarian, Kennedy Library, 123.123.123
Martha May, CEO DesignX Construction, 123.123.123
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